Ban Wi-Fi in K-12
WEA categorically rejects the unethical use of Wi-Fi in schools on our most vulnerable population - our children.
Lai and Levitt
Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays B. Blake Levitt and Henry Lai
Collateral Damage

Our Focus

Ban Wifi in K-12:
WEA categorically rejects the unethical use of Wi-Fi in schools where our most vulnerable population- our children- relies on safe and healthy practices in order to grow and learn in a toxin free environment. Read More

No Wireless metering:
Illness and trespass is the result of coerced metering irradiation of people in their homes and is an inherent Constitutional Rights violation. Read More

Cell Tower & 2nd Hand radiation:
Personal cellular devices indiscriminately irradiate those who refuse the practice, or are made ill by the use of radiation emitting machines. Read More

Recent Actions and Education

Education support for Oregon Legislature testimony , January 2014…Read More

Portland Public Schools (September 2013)…Read More

Green Party Youth Rights Wi-Fi Proposal (September 2013)…Read More

Trower/Pall Seminar, September 2013…Read More

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